Sharif University of Technology

Department of Physics

Nano, Energy, Surface and Thin films

NEST Group

After receiving a first class Ph.D. degree in Physics from University of Houston, Texas (USA) in 1990 and two years postdoc researcher in Texas Center for Superconductivity, Professor Moshfegh joined Sharif University of Technology in 1992. After twenty years activities on Experimental Physics on Surfaces, Interfaces and Thin Films with particular application of Nanostructures on Solar Energy and Catalysis, he has established a group called NEST in the Sharif University of Technology in 2011.

NEST represents our group activity on the following multidisciplinary fields namely: Nano, Energy, Surface and, Thin films with emphasis on Solar Energy conversion and applications of efficient nanostructured materials.

Research Areas

Recent Publications

  • 133- M. Faraji, M. Yousefi, S. Yousefzadeh, M. Zirak, N. Naseri, T. Jeon, w. Choi, A.Z. Moshfegh, Two-Dimensional Materials in Semiconductor Photoelectrocatalytic Systems for Water Splitting, Energy and Environmental Science 12(1), (2019), 59-95. (Review Article) (View at Publisher)

  • 132- M. Yousefi, S. Villar-Rodil, J.I. Paredes, A.Z. Moshfegh, Oxidized graphitic carbon nitride nanosheets as an effective adsorbent for organic dyes and tetracycline for water remediation, Journal of Alloys and Compounds , (2019), 151783. (Review Article) (View at Publisher)

  • 131- S. Samadi, M. Zirak, A. Naseri, M. Kheirabadi, M. Ebrahimi, A. Z. Moshfegh, Design and tailoring of one-dimensional ZnO nanomaterials for photocatalytic degradation of organic dyes: a review, Research in Chemical Intermediates 45(4), (2019), 2197–2254,(Accepted). (Invited Review)